Proxmox 4.4 Extreme Network Setup (Prolog)

In this post i will declare how i configure:

  • Hypervisor as gate
  • Bind9 as nameserver
  • isc-dhcp as dhcp server
  • Provider WAN/LAN (
  • dummy networkadapter for virtual machines (
  • wlan hotspot (hostapd) ( – not compatible with freebsd. Don’t wane buy another hardware.

Why i not use NAT from proxmox:

  • Got everything around: Windows, Macs (Macs & Timecapsule Iphone), Linux Distributions (Debian/Centos/Android).
  • I wane speak with my machines by name, not ip addresses.
  • Pick mac address from virtual adapter and configure network directly as an network administrator (half dhcp).
  • use pxe setup on qemu/kvm.
  • This are things that i often did in the past and use today. On local machine and server side. Perhaps I look for an
    software in the future, but network infastructur inside virtualisation? With a good primary backup not needed.

    A type of this setup is more complicated as use of “dnsmaq” toolkit. What is nicely
    for small networks infrastructure. What ever that means. I’ve tested it one day and it works.

    This can be used directly under debian and ubuntu without proxmox for sure.

    Maybe I’ll write this post to see for myself how I’ve solved it. 🙂

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